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 Apex Hemp Oil is a Oregon Based USDA Organic Cold Pressed CBD OIL extraction company. We process only USDA certified Organic seeds and plants  for the cleanest purest oils on earth. We strive for purity and potency in all of our Apex brand products.

Apex Hemp Oil Co/Founders

Brian Clark


 Brian Clark is a California native. He left California in search of a different way of life. After having established a very profitable environmental services business in California he wanted something different than the 9-5 stuck in traffic for 4 hours a day life. He heard about the opportunity's  in Oregon with industrial hemp and decided enough was enough. He left his cushy corporate life and headed to Oregon where  industrial hemp was finally legal. He found himself working as a processor and broker and getting a established name in the Hemp business. Clark found himself working with people who had great ideas but no action behind them. That's when he met JT Taylor and the two decided to tackle this industry together. The two partnered up with Wecker and his patened cold pressed oil machines. Clark, Taylor and Wecker never looked back. Clarks environmental sciences background and a successful background in business he was able to help Apex climb to the top quickly with  skills and attributes to our team. Now Clark spends his time  with clients and growing our business locally, nationally, and globally. He devides his time in Oregon and California spending time with his wife and daughter. 

Andreas Wecker


 Andreas Wecker is no stranger to perfection.  Andreas a Olympic Gold Medalist in Gymnastics for Germany in 1996. In all Andreas Wecker won a total of  1 gold medal, 2 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals, for a total of 5 medals. Wecker In 2006, over a six week period, I lost 45 pounds and 80 percent of my blood supply. I was soon admitted to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed me with something I’d never heard of, Crohn’s Disease.  After almost two months in the hospital, the 33 pills I was taking every day were not improving my condition. Though they temporarily alleviated some of the most severe symptoms. I knew this could not be a cure for me. As I saw it, I had three options. Die from the Crohn’s Disease, die from the medication, or find another option entirely. At 36 years old, I decided to check myself out of the hospital. A friend told me about something that gave me hope… There might be an alternative to the modern medical treatments that were not working for me. A member of his family had also suffered from CD until they began using fresh-pressed  oils as an alternative treatment. Seeing this as my only chance of survival,  I began supplementing my prescribed medications with fresh-pressed flaxseed oil. I realized over a short period of time that, with the pain and inflammation relieved, my body was responding positively to this remedy. As I reduced the number of pills I took every day and continued taking the flaxseed oil, the side effects from the medications waned. After three months of supplementing with flaxseed oil, I stopped taking the prescribed medications for Crohn’s Disease entirely. Diet modification, combined with taking the fresh-pressed flaxseed oil, changed my approach to managing my health problems, and my improved condition testified to the flaxseed oil’s repair work within my body. In 2008, in order to purchase my first inventory of seeds and bottles, my wife and I sold our wedding rings. I began pressing just one boper day from a small modified press. soon  our lives changed with the changing of the seasons, my business began to grow. I continued producing my seed oils and distributing them myself throughout the greater Los Angeles area. With the increasing number of customers came a new selection of oils. In November of 2009, I purchased the very press that had been constructed out of my vision almost two years prior. In 2018 Andreas Wecker meet Taylor and Clark as the Hemp industy began to unfold and together they developed and produced the worlds first 100% cold pressed CBD Oil. Andreas German engineering background his attention to the smallest detail that helped him achive olypic gold carried him into the amazing world of cold pressed seed oils.  As the old saying goes…“You can get on with living, or you can get on with dying.”  I chose to get on with living and found a way of helping myself. Every day I wake up grateful that I was able to help myself. I believe that what I am doing today, and what I am pressing, has the ability to help people greatly. Even when lots of them may have no other alternatives left. I encourage anyone who wants to better improve their health to give Apex Cold pressed CBD hemp Oil a try.

JT Taylor


J.T. Taylor is a native to Oregon, With a broad career in professional MMA fighting, promoting and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu he is no stranger to pain. After all, MMA cage fighting is the business of pain. Like most athletes we abuse our bodies early and pay for it later in life. After fighting the best people in the world and retiring at 37. Training  every day left me retired, broke and in a lot of pain. With 4 young boys at home keeping up with them was hurting to the point I couldn't hide it any longer. I have always smoked cannabis to help my pain levels but it was not sufficient in easing the pain. Ingesting pharmaceutical pain killers just was never a option for me. I spent a lifetime of watching big pharm drugs take more of a toll on my friends/family than assist their bodies in healing.  I decided to start looking for healthier alternatives and kept hearing about CBD and the healing properties of hemp.  After doing research and working with other non-cold pressed hemp products Taylor was introduced to Wecker and his innovative seed processing extraction.  Taylor and Clark went to meet Andreas Wecker and together they developed the recipes and products that make Apex Hemp Oil. Taylor runs the day to day operations, helps customers and clients. Taylor is responsible for bringing the recipes of the  products and branding that Apex Hemp Oil produces and develops. 

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Organically Cold Pressed CBD Oil

Apex Hemp Oil is pure, raw cold pressed just like mother nature intended. We never use harmful heat, solvents, or co2. The worlds best oils are made right here.


Apex Hemp Oil

Founders of Apex Hemp Oil  (Left to Right) JT Taylor, Andreas Wecker and Brian Clark. This was the very first batch of Apex made in Dec 2018 

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