About us

  Apex Hemp Oil is a small family run business located in Redmond, Oregon WE are a Certified USDA Organic Food processing facility and are dedicated to quality and purity. Apex Hemp Oil is 100% Cold Pressed Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and is loaded with a wide array of full spectrum of raw cannabinoids. This means your getting natural occurring cannabinoids like CBDa, CBD, CBGa,  and many other raw cannabinoids. A total of 144 different cannabinoids have been found uncovered so far end we keep finding more. Some scientist say raw cold press cannabinoids are far more potent than CBD processed with other  methods like alcohol, butane, hexane. Our Cold Pressed extraction method is by far the most natural, safe, and the most environmentally friendly. Apex full plant extraction results in a premium oils that contains more elements, natural enzymes, in the ratios found in nature, for the best entourage effect. You will find natural flavor and style in all our cold press gourmet oils.

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