Cold Pressed Coconut hemp infusion


We start manufacturing our hemp products by using the worlds best oil. Apex Cold Pressed Hemp Oil is 100% cold pressed and unrefined leaving all the natural fats, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that makes the perfect oil just like mother nature intended.

Apex Topical s

Apex Topical manufacturing is done all in house using all our own organic seed oils for our topical recipes. Having the worlds best oils is essential for promoting and developing a great alternative healthy products that people will love and use .


We use the worlds best glass for the worlds best oils. We package our oils in Miron Glass bottles. This packaging distinguishes itself by its high quality and offers your products optimal protection against the harmful effects of light. Miron glass increases the shelf life of your products and prolongs their potency.

CBD Bath Bombs Away

We carry and produce a wide range of topicals for all your skin care needs. Each product is tested by a third party lab for quality and potency. Apex Bath Bomb is absorbed through the largest organ in our bodies, the epidermis. In a warm bath, cannabinoids enters our pores.

Sports Creams

One of our biggest sellers is our topical Apex Sports Cream. Loaded with naturally accruing Phyto-CannaBinoiDs Made with all natural Cold pressed Oils organic ingredients. Changing the game as people get back to what they are passionate about in life.

Your products are ready

You can customize your labels completely. You have total creative control over the product packaging too! Many private label manufacturing businesses give you few to no choices, but we leave this entirely in your hands, so you have control over your branding. Your final product will be made with Apex Cold Pressed Hemp Oil product and tailored uniquely and distinctly to your preferences and needs. Loaded with the advantages and benefits only Apex Cold Pressed CBD oil can provide. Your product will be ready for success on the market.