Quality Control and Lab Reports

Apex is a certified USDA Organic facility through Oregon Tilth and this means we have gone the extra step to ensure only the highest quality of hemp oil is and products we produced. We carefully monitor and use 3rd party testing to ensure quality control of our products. Certificates of Analysis associated with our products are available online for our clients and partners to view for themselves. Apex includes a separate analysis for nutritional reports, cannabinoids, potential microbial life, mold, heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticides/herbicides/insecticides.

Apex Hemp Oil believes that true health is at the smallest levels and goes far above the industry standard and tests its solvents and pesticides at parts per billion instead of the industry standard of parts per million. This insures the consumer is indeed getting a clean organic cold pressed hemp oil completely free of harmful toxins, solvent’s and pesticides. Below you will find lab reports, organic certifications and other helpful information regarding our products. Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.

Below you will find 3rd Party Testing Files of Lab Reports, Organic Certificates, Potency Reports, and Nutritional Analysis.

Apex Sports Cream 2oz
Certificate of Analysis
Apex Dog Treats
Certificate of Analysis
USDA Organic Hemp Certification
Oregon Tilth USDA Organic Cert
Apex Sport Stick 2.5oz
Certificate of Analysis
Apex Dog Treats
Guaranteed Analysis- Nutritonal Profile
Batch#32220 1200mg
Apex Sport Stick 2.5oz 1500mg
Apex Hemp Soft Chew
Apex Cold Pressed Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 500mg
Batch#10-6-19-14.2 Certificate of Analysis
Apex Super Soap
Apex Hemp Oil 750mg
Batch# 10-17-19-17.2 Certificate of Analysis
Apex Bath Bomb
Certificate of Analysis
Apex Hemp Oil 1500mg
Batch #1261931
Apex Lotion 8oz
Certificate of Analysis
Apex Hemp Oil 1250mg
Batch# 10-8-19-14.4 Certificate of Analysis
Apex Lip Balm
Apex Full Spectrum Hemp Powder
Apex Hemp Pellets Batch#33020
Certificate of Analysis
Apex Full Spectrum Hemp Powder Terpene Report
Apex Full Spectrum Hemp Powder residual Solvents report