Keeping your health and immune system running at top speeds have never been more important than right now in today’s fast-paced world. We are bombarded with bills, injuries, worry, stress and can create havoc on our life and immune system. Apex USDA Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is 100% cold-pressed and unrefined by gasses solvent or heat. This ensures that all the beneficial enzymes, flavonoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids 3-6 and Phyto-CannaBinoiDs stay intact in its original natural state and unadulterated. All of these natural elements are supporting each other and bring an entourage effect that works synergistically in helping support the entire endocannabinoid system. Most CBD manufacturers use toxic extraction methods like butane, solvents or gasses and use these methods to separate, isolate and concentrate cannabinoid molecules and other plant matter. This strips all the supporting structures of the plant’s natural elements that our bodies have used for thousands of years. Then CBD manufactures “TRY” to remove those residual solvents by using heat or other chemical processes to evaporate those toxins out of the finished product. At this point, the consumer starts to feel like a science experiment and natural wellness goalpost gets gets pushed further away. By using heat to remove solvents this also adulterates and changes the Cannabinoid profile and from its original state CBD-A to CBD this is called decarboxylation or what we feel is adulterating. Remember we have been using this plant for thousands of years and in only the last 40-50 years have we been using ethanol, butane, or solvents to extract and isolate the plant’s molecules. The cannabis industry sets these allowable trace toxins pesticides or micro toxins elements at allowable PPM (parts per million) levels. Unfortunately, this misses the mark in my opinion, our body is processing everything at PPB) (Parts per billion) or PPT (parts per trillion). Companies can claim they don’t carry residual solvents and can show you lab reports claiming there is a non-detectable amount of residual toxins, but it’s only at the PPM levels and not the PPB or the PPT level your body breaks everything down too. That means for thousands of years we have been using Cannabis plants for food, clothing and medicinal properties. Some CBD companies will even claim their products are organic even when they are not. Stick to the seal, without it, there is no guarantee. This ensures product purity and safety and separates the real companies that care and are not in for the quick buck and overnight business practices. Make sure what you are purchasing is USDA Certified Organic CBD oil. You’ve seen that friendly green USDA certified organic label found on products. You likely look for it when shopping for natural organic produce and groceries The USDA certification ensures that what we’re exposing our body too is safe, clean, and natural. It is a symbol that signifies safety, transparency, and quality. If you had the option, wouldn’t you choose a product free from GMO, conventional contaminants and potentially harmful materials? The USDA Organic as a governing body that uses inspectors and auditors. These auditors track and trace products and ingredients from the beginning and ensure product safety and quality through audits that private companies open themselves up to in order to carry this seal. Most USDA Organic companies have gone to great lengths to qualify and those companies protect that as their business model for success and future. Consumers who are looking to make purchases for health and safety are looking for that seal this is essentially knowing your farmer without actually knowing your farmer. USDA licensed processors undergo strict reporting and track and traceability of all products and ingredients. Bulk USDA Certified Organic CBD is used by many companies in the health, beauty, beverage, animal and many other industries. Ultimately, USDA certified organic CBD oil can be difficult to come by. The certification process is expensive, restrictive and lengthy, which explains why there are not many companies out there currently carrying that seal. Apex Hemp Oil proud to be certified USDA Organic and sources premium-grade Hemp from Organic Hemp Farms and naturally 100% cold presses it certified USDA Organic Oil. Don’t be fooled by those companies using cold-pressed hemp oil and then adding a isolate and other concentrated ingredients claiming to be cold-pressed. Apex Hemp Oil is 100% Cold Pressed We encourage you to understand the extraction processes and make educated decisions on what the ultimate choice in your family’s health and safety.