USDA Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Apex Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is Certified USDA Organic Full Spectrum and 100% Cold-Pressed. This means its rich in beneficial fatty acids 3-6, natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and All-natural Phyto-CannaBinoiDs. Apex Hemp Oil’s Cold Pressed exaction process gently releases the plant’s natural elements without using gases, solvents, or heat. This cold-pressed process creates a much more bioavailable oil that naturally absorbs into the body. Apex Hemp Oil is loaded with all-natural/organic elements your body wants and needs. Cold pressing leaves all the natural fats, vitamins, minerals, and Phyto-Nutrients the plant naturally produces. Apex oil is pure, raw, and 100% all-natural without any man-made ingredients, preservatives, or flavorings. Available in 700mg and our new 2,000mg options. Each bottle is carefully labeled and 3rd party testing with Qr codes for quick retrieval of Lab testing made easily available.